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Assassinating Your Tax Bill: How To Defend Your Cash From Uncle Sam

When & Where: 4/16/2021 • 11am EST • ZOOM

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Happy 4/15!

Feel like you just had your tonsils removed, teeth pulled, etc? We know, paying taxes sucks.

We imagine you created a meticulous plan of steps to take during 2020 to make SURE your tax bill was low-as-can-be.

What? You didn’t?

Then you overpaid. By a LOT. (you know, if you actually made money).

Want to know why? And want to make sure you DO NOT OVERPAY EVER AGAIN?

Then this is the webinar for you!

We are going to go in depth into strategies that knock it out of the park for our clients. Every. Single. Time.

We will cover this and more in our April webinar!

Never overpay on taxes again; join us and learn the legal methods of tax reduction for your franchise!

The countdown is on! Sign up today!


In this one-hour webinar, we will cover the following topics:

• Entity types: What structure should my franchise be?
• Deductions to bring your taxes even lower
• Tooling up with taxes in mind
• Loopholes you (probably) haven’t heard of
• Retirement, Insurance, and Taxes: How to build your portfolio with tax savings in mind
We recommend coming with a writing tool such as pencil+paper or a tablet device. Come ready to learn.

Meet your hosts!

Jason Yeaman, My Franchise CPAsJASON YEAMAN, MACC

Jason Yeaman obtained his Master of Accounting from Florida Atlantic University graduating Magna Cum Laude from the Accounting Scholars Program.

After graduating Jason worked in big four accounting for two years where he performed audit, accounting and tax services. Jason then entered the commercial finance field for four years working in the factoring industry.

During his time in the commercial finance world, Jason’s specialty was commercial construction where he managed $65 million in assets.

John Mollica, My Franchise CPAsJohn Mollica, CPA & CISA

Multilingual Certified Public Accountant and Co-Founder John Mollica obtained his Masters in Accounting from Florida Atlantic University in 2012, his CPA from the AICPA in 2012, and his CISA from ISACA in 2017.

After graduation he quickly entered the fast-paced world of public accounting, and spent 6 years in the industry overseeing his firm’s largest public clients, their 404 compliance testing, auditing, accounting, and consulting services.


Reserve your seat today and make sure you don’t miss out on this exclusive training!

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